Mediactive is both a book and website created for content creators and consumers, which aims to help them understand and utilize media effectively and responsibly in the digital age.

The book encourages consumers to be media literate and think critically about information they find by analyzing the credibility of sources and seeking out a range of sources outside their comfort zone, avoiding the “echo-chamber”. It also suggests principles that content creators should abide by, including being thorough, accurate, fair and transparent.

Overall, Mediactive is a useful guide for navigating an evolving media. Its scope is fairly broad, covering topics like assessing online sources, branding, utilizing social media, and even new legal and ethical issues being raised in digital media. The book is also accompanied by a blog discussing current issues and controversies.

In addition to its own content, Mediactive’s site also offers information about resources such as the Center for Media Literacy and Just
Think, as well as tools for creating and consuming content.


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