Image is a news resource site that allows users to search for local, national, and international news sources. 

Rather than being a news producer or content aggregator, Newslink’s main function is to aide users in finding content producers in print, radio, and television. Although some news is aggregated on the front page, this function seems limited.

The site’s format resembles a database more than a a site meant to host content and draw audiences in. For that reason, the site may be less user friendly than a site like 

However, users who want to find a specific publication or simply sample news from other places will find the site very useful. It allows searches by medium and location, as well as by the type of publication. The list of linked sources is fairly comprehensive, offering everything from daily metro news to campus papers.

While all the links and search optimizations may look a little overwhelming, the site’s design is actually clean and simple. The majority of the site’s content is the links, typically listed alphabetically. The rest consists of a banner with a logo and links to databases by their specific medium, as well as a single frame ad.

While Newslink may not be useful for audiences looking to find their daily local news, it can certainly aid those who want to find specific news sources around the world.



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  1. internationaljournalismnews says :

    Helps take the trouble out of searching

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