Another publication goes digital

The American Journalism Review announced that the magazine is ending its print edition.

The publication, produced by the University of Maryland’s Phillip Merrill College of Journalism, will only be publishing its content online, after revamping their website.

Lucy A. Dalglish, Merrill College Dean, said that publishing was definitely trending towards digital.

Dalglish said, “It no longer made financial sense for the award-winning AJR to continue producing a print magazine because most AJR readers accessed content on the Web.” Dalglish also said that philanthropic support for magazines devoted to media criticism had been steadily declining.

The  36-year-old publication, which focuses on issues in American journalism, also said it would be refocusing to feature more student produced content.

Dalglish said, “Now students will have the ability to write and produce multimedia content for another outstanding college-sponsored publication, as will faculty from Merrill College, the University of Maryland and beyond.”

Like their larger, mass audience oriented counterparts, scholarly and industry oriented publications are finding that they need to make the switch to digital to survive. For publications like the AJR, which may have a more limited readership, publishing their content online seems to be the natural progression.



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