Privacy, Ethics, and Google Glass

Google Glass is proving to be very useful for citizen journalists, but it’s also raising questions about privacy in the digital age.

A documentary filmmaker made history this past 4th of July by recording a boardwalk brawl and the subsequent arrest. Technology communities believe this is the first time a public arrest has been recorded using Google Glass.

Chris Barrett, a documentary filmmaker who had intended to record fireworks at the pier, said that being barely noticeable and having his hands free made recording the incident much easier and safer.

Such technology has exciting and troubling implications for the future. If Google Glass becomes a commercial success, it has the potential to change the digital landscape as drastically as smartphones have.

It will likely be a boon to journalists and filmmakers, allowing them to discreetly capture footage with ease. But how will we change, as individuals and as a society, when we know that any person in public with Google Glass can record and gather information on us instantly?



One response to “Privacy, Ethics, and Google Glass”

  1. internationaljournalismnews says :

    When everyone has a small recording device, is anyone’s privacy safe?

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