Too many journalists, not enough jobs

Some experts say journalism schools are getting too big, while the industry is getting smaller.

Adrian Monck, director and head of communications and media for the World Economic Forum, criticized schools for encouraging too many students into a field with not enough job openings.

While there are around 50,000 journalism students in the U.K., Monck estimated there are only about 300 entry-level jobs in mainstream media.

Jeffrey Dvorkin, director of the University of Toronto’s journalism program, also blasted schools for not developing their curriculum for the digital age.

“The professoriate is old compared with the state of the media culture now. People came into the journalism academia just before the digital disruption in the newsroom. As a result they are still teaching a curriculum valued in the 1990s but not now”, Dvorkin said.

Monck and Dvorkin seem to be echoing the sentiments of many others who teach journalism: there simply aren’t many jobs, and the skills that they teach today might be irrelevant tomorrow.



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